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Christmas Gifts - Ideas & Decorations

Christmas is that time of the year when people feel particularly happy and look forward to gather with their family for the festive season. Kids are particularly enthusiastic for the arrival of Santa Clause, also known as Father Christmas, who brings gifts to well-behaved children on Christmas Eve.
Admin | 27 Nov 2020

The Perfect Halloween With Night Sky Lanterns®

Halloween is an exciting time for both children and adults, so why not make yours extra special this year with some of these great products from Night Sky Lanterns. You can really get into the swing of things with the Pumpkin Sky Lanterns, Halloween Candle Bags, Orange Paper Lanterns and light the way for the trick or treaters with the garden lights!
Admin | 11 Oct 2020

Sky Lanterns Myths – Questions and answers

We want to appeal to all Civil Servants and those working in public bodies to remind them that by vocation, they have the moral duty to be impartial, coherent, responsible, cohesive and accountable for any declaration and action they take while representing their professional division. This also applies to Fire-fighters, Police Officers, Doctors, Nurses, Vets, Teachers, Counsellors, MPs, The Right Honourable Ladies and Gentlemen, Local Authorities and public corporations such as the BBC, Channel 4 and all other organisations involved to inform and shaping public behaviour.
Admin | 04 May 2020
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