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Wax Pillar Candles 70 Hours

Wax Tea Lights Candles
Brand: Generic Product
Product Code: 1PCIW70
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£5.99(VAT incl.)
Pillar Candle 70 Hours
Pillar Candles for a romantic night, wedding, birthday and any special event
Wax Pillar Candles are ideal for creating special effect to any wedding or party. They can be placed on Candle Holders or with Candle Bags.
Also available Pillar Candle 15h, 26h, 45h, 90h and 95h

Instructions - How to use Pillar Candles:
Lift the wick upright and place it on a candle holder made of glass or ceramic to avoid direct contact with flammable materials like the table, furniture or wood floor. Safely lit the wick with matches or candle lighting wicks.

No suitable for children under the age of 12 years old
Keep away from children and pets - fire hazard
Do not use flammable clothes while lighting the candle
Keep away from flammable materials, like curtains, sofa, TV
Avoid drafts from opened window or door
Do not expose to heat sources, sun and radiators
Store in dry and cool place at temperature below 30 degree Celsius
Do not leave the candle unattended while burning

Wax Pillar Candle 70h - Pack of 1
Candle Duration: ±70 Hours
Wax Colour: Ivory
Candle size: 7.8 D x 20 cm (3 x 7.5 Inch)
Pack size: 7.8 D x 20 cm (3 x 7.5 Inch)
Pack Gross Weight: ± 0.70 Kg
Product Code: 1WPC70

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