Support your Charity with Union Jack Sky Lantern #StayAtHome - Night Sky Lanterns®

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Support your Charity with Union Jack Sky Lantern #StayAtHome

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Brand: Night Sky Lanterns® aids for your Charity
Design: 100% Biodegradable - Wire Free - Asbestos Free
Product Code: UJAID1
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£6.00(VAT incl.)
Support your charity with Union Jack Sky Lantern while #StayAtHome
#SundayNightChallenge COVID-19

We have launched this campaign to donate 100% of money raised from the sale our Union Jack Sky Lanterns and Union Jack Candle Bags to Charities (not associated with NHS) directly selected by every contributor.

To clarify, for every Union Jack Sky Lantern sold at £6, 80% (£5) goes to the elected charities and 20% (£1) to HMRC in VAT.

We value every comment, however, we do not allow any comment with hyperlink on our website.

While we recognise that sky lanterns have caused inconveniences to farmers and some member of the public, we strongly believe that all those concerns are associated with poor quality sky lanterns which are not equipped with the latest innovative components, like those used to build premium, supreme and union jack sky lanterns.

In addition, we strongly advise our customers and those who intend to place an order to strictly follow guidelines and safety instructions highlighted at the end of this page and on the packaging. In particular, only use sky lanterns in appropriate weather conditions.

As emphasised by experts of UK Trading Standard Institute (Code of Practice - Sky Lanterns 2014), "when used as intended in appropriate conditions and in small numbers, sky lanterns do not constitute a high risk. With a little care and consideration they can be enjoyed safely."

We cannot guarantee that on Sunday the weather conditions will be suitable for releasing sky lanterns across the country and you might need to postpone it to another day. For this reason, we have decided to include with each order a Union Jack Candle Bag which is also made with fireproof paper. However, when lighting up the candle bag, please consider the possibility of using LED tea-lights to minimize the risk of fire from the wax tea-light candle.

Furthermore, we have also decided to donate 100% of the money raised from the sale of our Union Jack Candle Bags, published on the following link

As we are all advised to #StayAtHome and follow physical/social distancing guidelines, but all together, we will be releasing Union Jack Sky Lanterns from gardens and driveways of houses across the UK, every Sunday Night, until this unprecedented situation has been overcome.

Together, we can stop this pandemic! With your help, 100% of the money raised from the sale of our Union Jack Sky Lanterns and Candle Bags will be donated to support your Charities to fight COVID 19 and help to tackle this pandemic and purchase appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
If we soon want to return to normality, this pandemic needs global actions to stop its spread and we are all called to take responsible actions.
Order now Union Jack Sky Lanterns in support your Charity and let us all show our solidarity.

We are all called to do our bit and we must take serious actions to stop this unprecedented pandemic.
News and updates will be published on our blog.
Union Jack Sky Lanterns are built by professional craftsmen, who assemble each lantern with precision to ensure an excellent flying performance, essential for any special event to remember forever.
In addition, Union Jack Sky Lanterns are made with high quality materials, in particular, the thickness of the fireproof copy paper has been increased to 21 gm2, which helps to retain more heat inside the lanterns. Each lantern is also equipped with a thin bamboo ring, fiberglass string, and the latest wick / fuel cell made of cloth. No metal parts, asbestos free and no paper-covered wire.
Eco Friendly, No Wire, No Metal Parts, Asbestos Free, Fireproof Paper, Pre-attached Wick/Fuel Cell, Biodegradable, Compostable, Recyclable.
Indeed, this improved sky lanterns are equipped with an innovative wick, also called fuel cell, made of cloth / fabric, which ensures that after burning the combustible, it will crumble in air before the lanterns start its descending.
This wick / fuel cell also makes easier to ignite it with a regular lighter, reducing the time from lighting to releasing the lantern. This heat source is also more powerful compared to traditional wicks made of cardboard.
Thanks to this advanced wick / fuel cell, combined with high quality fireproof paper 21 gm2, ensure high flying performance and much easier to use compared to traditional sky lanterns.
Moreover, Union Jack Sky Lanterns are pre-assembled, ready to use, equipped with a non-drip wick /fuel cell and each lantern is packed with fully illustrated instructions and guidelines, on how to safely launch a sky lantern.
These Sky Lanterns are very popular for any special event. In particular, this is an amazing experience and the greatest ethical alternative for Corporate and Charity Fundraising events and any special night, where the symbol of the Union Flag enhances the experience of your guests.
·         Truly Eco Friendly
·         No Metal Parts
·         Asbestos Free
·         Fireproof Paper 21 gm2
·         Pre-attached Cloth Wick / Fuel Cell
·         Completely Compostable and Fully Recyclable
#unionJackSkyLanterns fully comply with DEFRA’s report “Industry Code of Practice - Sky Lanterns " published by Trading Standards Institute, in 2014 #TSI
Union Jack Sky Lanterns are manufactured to the highest standards and should not be confused with traditional sky lanterns, or with poorly made imitations.
IMPORTANT - Please note that, with our deepest sadness and in order to protect our customers, we have suspended the supply of all product ranges (Night Sky Lanterns®) to Amazon, Ebay and other third-party platforms. These was as a consequence of finding 6 out of 10 test purchases of our branded sky lanterns sold on Amazon, resulted positive to asbestos test. In addition, 10 out 10 test purchases were unbranded sky lanterns sold by unscrupulous sellers, careless of the danger they pose to the public and the environment.  Despite numerous attempts to inform their top management team, their legal team claimed to have the rights to continue using our brand name on their platform and totally disregarded our findings.  More info ...
These lanterns are made with high quality materials to improve flying performance and ensure a unique and unforgettable experience, though safeguarding the environment and other people's property.

Each lantern contains a colour insert with simple but fundamental instructions to get a spectacular result.

Each Supreme Sky Lanterns is handmade and the dimensions may vary slightly.
The lantern size when unfolded in an oval shape is 70cm-28In Height and 40cm-16In wide.

Each transparent OPP bag contains:
1 x Union Jack Sky Lanterns
1 x Pre-assembled cloth wick/fuel cell
1 x Silica Gel bag
1 x colour insert with instructions
Made with copy paper coated with flame retardant - Bamboo ring - 100% biodegradable & wire free - Eco-Friendly - Non-toxic & odour free – Certified No Asbestos Detected – Cloth wick/fuel cell, easy to light and no drips - Pre-assembled and individually wrapped for protection in transparent bag with Euro ring - Gross Weight ±95 grams - Brand Night Sky Lanterns ®
All customer's names of Union Jack Sky Lanterns will be added to our supporters list
Each Union Jack Flag Sky Lantern is individually packed in OPP bags, pre-assembled and ready to use.
IMPORTANT: Before using the lanterns, please read the instructions and guidelines written on the insert / packaging to familiarise on how to release sky lanterns and watch the video below. Simply open the lanterns by swinging it in the air to unfold all sides and lit the two opposite corners of the wick / fuel cell with a regular lighter. Full Instruction and safety guidelines are written on the insert / packaging of each lantern.

Instructions for use - How to launch sky lanterns:
Union Jack Sky Lanterns are individually packed, pre-assemble and ready to use. Simply open the lanterns and swing it in the air to unfold all sides. Lit the wick / fuel cell with a regular lighter and when you fell the lanterns pulling up, just release the pressure of your fingers and let it set free.

We would like to highlight that Traditional Chinese Sky Lanterns, like those used in this video, are made with metal wire to hold the wick / fuel cell to the bamboo ring.
Please consider the possibility to use only sky lanterns made without metal wire.
Please Please Please! Help us to better safeguard the environment, wildlife and livestock.

Union Jack Sky Lanterns by Night Sky Lanterns ®
The photo below shows a Union Jack Sky Lantern unfolded and laid flat. To write a message on the lantern, only use a dry permanent marker with a thick head. Do not use sharp pencils or pens and be careful not to rip the delicate paper while drawing.

The wick / fuel cell is pre-assembled and attached to the bamboo ring with a thin fiberglass string. The wick / fuel cell is covered with protective sheet to avoid that the combustible migrates to the paper of the lantern. Please remove the protective sheet before igniting the corners of the wick / fuel cell.

Before lighting the fuel cell, bend two opposite corners of the wick / fuel cell and lit both corners with a lighter. Wait until you feel that the lanterns is pulling up and gently release the pressure of your fingers from the bamboo ring. The lanterns will start flying away in to the sky. Please read the instruction provided on the packaging prior to use it responsibly.

Please read the Safety Guidelines and Instructions for use before using your Sky Lantern
Do not launch in conditions that make lighting the lantern difficult, i.e. wind speeds above 8 Kmh / 5mph.
Do not launch a damaged lantern as this may be dangerous and cause injury.
Never launch in an area that could cause a fire such as near crops and hay bales etc.
Obstacles in the lanterns’ path such as trees and buildings should be at least 30 meters away.
Do not release the lantern in an area where the glow could be mistaken for a distress signal. (Contact Coastguard)  
Prior to use, ensure lanterns are stored in a dry and secure place away from children.
The lantern should not be left unattended at any time.   Do not light or release a lantern wearing flammable clothing.
Never launch a lantern within 8 kilometres / 5 miles of an airport or airfield without permission from the CAA.
Launching a lantern in an inappropriate location or manner may cause damage to persons or property which may make you liable for criminal damage and prosecution.
Only responsible adults should use this product.  Anyone under 16 should be supervised by a least one Adult
Store in a dry and cool place and keep it away from heat sources over 50ºC and sun light.
To facilitate the launch, it is preferable if one person holds the lanterns and another person lights the fuel cell. Remove the lanterns from the packaging and gently swing in the air to unfold/open the lantern. Hold it upside down with the fuel cell at the top. Light two opposite corners of the fuel cell and allow the flame to spread across it.
Once the fuel cell is fully ignited, flip over your sky lantern so that the heat source starts to fill it up with hot air. Using both hands, gently hold the top and bottom of the lantern allowing the warm air from the flame to build up inside.
After around 30 seconds the Sky Lantern should begin to rise. Do not release the lantern too early.  At this point keep holding the bamboo ring with both hands and only when you feel the lantern lifting on its own then let it free and enjoy watching fly in the sky while thinking of a wish. #MayYourWishComeTrue

1 Union Jack Sky Lantern to support your Charity

• Sky Lantern: Union Jack Flag - Pack of 1
• Materials: 21gm2 Fireproof Paper, Bamboo Ring, Fibreglass String and Cloth Wick Fuel Cell
• Paper Colour: UK Flag
• Lantern size unfolded: 45 D x 70 H cm (18 x 36 Inch)
• Pack size: 42 W x 42 L x 6 H cm (16 x 16 x 2 Inch)
• Pack Gross Weight: ± 0.4 Kg
• Brand: Night Sky Lanterns®
• Product Code: UJAID1

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