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Sky Lanterns Appeal Registration

Sky Lanterns Appeal Registration
Thank you for your support to appeal against those who are campaigning to ban all sky lanterns.

Over the course of the last 5 years, we have experienced an overwhelming amount of campaigns from several Charity organisations like MCS, RSPCA, NFU whom submitted numerous petitions to ban balloons and sky lanterns.

Although the UK Government rejected all petitions filed so far to ban sky lanterns, on the grounds that sky lanterns are not listed amongst the 10 most polluting items found on UK coastline by Marine Conservation Society, but MCS still claiming that sky lanterns pollute our sea.
The reason why no evidence have been found is because as soon as the paper of the sky lantern get wet it starts to biodegrade and if it lands in the sea or in the water it will dissolve in few hours leaving no traces in the environment.

Despite this, the 27 March 2019 on BBC Parliament, it was very disappointing to see Ruth George a Labour MP of High Peak District to introduce a bill in Parliament to ban sky lanterns in UK. Sadly the bill was approved by MPs and it was passed in Parliament on the 5th April 2019 without any counterpart to fairly disapprove her statement.
Backed by RSPCA and NFU, she said that "sky lanterns poses dangers and nuisance to farm animals and our countryside, they are danger to livestock, animals panic when confronted with an unusual site like sky lanterns, ...".

We are so frustrated that her statement as well as all campaigns promoted by organisations like RSPCA and NFU refuse to acknowledge a clear distinction made also by DEFRA's experts in 2014 that "high quality branded sky lanterns have very low environmental impact and if used as intended in appropriate conditions, sky lanterns do not constitute a high risk. With little care and consideration they can be enjoyed safely.” (Code of Practice - Sky Lanterns)

We will soon write to the Parliament to ask about the failures to inform and communicate DEFRA's findings to all parties during the last 5 years.  

Join our campaign to regulate sky lanterns in a sensible way without the need of a total ban.
A ban on all sky lanterns is like banning all cars driving through the countryside to stop drank drivers or like banning concerts, festivals, F1, football, action movies, etc. because they have high carbon foot print.

The victimisation and offensive behaviour toward responsible sky lanterns users must be stoped.
Register below your details to support our campaign and we hope that with your help we will protect the right of future generations enjoying the beautiful experience of releasing a sky lantern. 100% biodegradable, of course!

Please visit the Sky Lanerns Appeal page and scroll down to the bottom to write and read comments. Don't forget to click on the shareicon to tell your family and friends via your social media accounts to register too.
Many thanks to you all!!

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Register your details below and we will add your name and county on the appeal supporters list. Your email will be used only for confirmation purposes and communications related to the appeal. (Fields with * are required)

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