Newly Added Lanterns
  • Chinese Lantern Wedding Packages

    Wedding Lanterns

    These are popular Wedding Lanterns, a superb way to remember your special day

    from £86.50

    Chinese Wedding Lanterns
  • Water Flower Lanterns

    Water Flower Lanterns

    These lanterns create an ambient lighting effect and relaxing mood and can be used on water or alternatively on any firm surface.

    from £2.99

    Water Flower Lanterns
  • White Chinese Lanterns

    White Chinese Lanterns

    These are our White Traditional Sky Lantern packs, manufactured to the highest quality from fire retardant paper

    from £12.81

    White Sky Lanterns
  • Eco Friendly Lanterns

    Eco Friendly Lanterns

    Our Brand new Eco Lanterns contain no metal parts and are 100% bio-degradable.

    from £22.97

    Eco Friendly Lanterns
  • Coloured Sky Lanterns

    Coloured Lanterns

    If you're looking for the standard coloured lanterns then these are the ones, and they come in a multipack of different colours, or all the same, you choose !

    from £18.37

    Coloured Sky Lanterns
  • 10 x Garden Candle Lanterns

    Paper Candle Bags

    A warm yet stunning glow from these superb Garden Candle Lantern Bags Ten non-flammable and bio-degradable ca...

    from £9.99

    More Info
  • Romantic Lanterns

    Romantic Lanterns

    Our Heart Shaped Sky Lanterns are the ideal loving gift or accompaniment to a special outdoor event. Our Romantic Lanterns are now 100% Eco Friendly.

    from £9.99

    Romantic Lanterns
  • Union Jack Lanterns

    Union Jack Lanterns

    Celebrate everything that's British with our totally unique Union Jack Sky Lanterns...

    from £8.99

    Union Jack Eco Lanterns
  • Sky Lantern Wedding Packs

    Eco Lantern Wedding Pack

    Our special Sky Lantern Wedding Packs contain an assortment of items, and are a fantastic addition to your special day.

    from £140.43

    Sky Lantern Wedding Packs

Night Sky Lanterns offers a range of Sky Lanterns and Lantern Packs for all occasions and events

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