Puzzle Lamp Shades Turquoise 23cm - 9In - Night Sky Lanterns®

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Puzzle Lamp Shades Turquoise 23cm - 9In

Puzzle Lights Retro Lampshades
Brand: PuzzlesLamps™
Product Code: 9PLRLT1
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9Inch Puzzle Lights Retro Lampshades 23cm Turquoise - Pack of 1
Puzzle Lights Retro Lampshades to light up your party

Turquoise Puzzles Lights are contemporary retro lampshades used to create particular themed atmosphere and eye-catching scenes for parties and events or simply to make an interesting feature in the room or outside in the garden. They are also becoming popular to decorate shops, restaurants, hotels and many movies and series. Puzzle lights are made of polypropylene 0.45 mm think which guarantees a longer life time, in particular if used outdoor and exposed to weather conditions and sunlight. Thanks to the increased thickness of the polypropylene, ensure that the components remain firmly locked and they can support well even strong winds or summer thunderstorms.
The light of the LED spot-lights or Festoon Lights placed inside the puzzle lampshade produces a beautiful glow and creates a very special effect, making a superb addition to any summer garden party and they are great for relaxing in your garden in the twilight hours.

Instruction - How to use:
Each Puzzle Lights Retro Lampshade is pre-assembled and individually packed in a carton box. These puzzle lamp can be adapted to existing ceiling lamp or bedside lamp. Simply remove the old lampshade from the lamp holder. Please note that the puzzle light has all components interlocked and by opening one of the rosette made with 3  hocks will allow the light bulb to go through and the lamp holder’s cord can be lock in the middle of the rosette before interlocking them back. Place the light bulb in the middle of the lamp to avoid it touches the sides of the puzzle light. In alternative, it is better if they are powered with LED light bulbs, or in particular in places where the electric plug is not available, the puzzle light can be powered with LED Spot Lights or LED String Lights.   
9Inch Puzzle Lights Retro Lampshades 23cm Turquoise - Pack of 1
  • Puzzle Lights: Standard Round
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Lampshades Colour: Turquoise
  • Size: 9 Inch - 23 cm D
  • Gross Weight: ± 150 grams
  • Brand: PuzzlesLamps™
  • Product Code: 9PLRLT1
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