Fireproof Paper Hanging Lanterns 40 cm / 16 Inch - Night Sky Lanterns®

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Fireproof Paper Hanging Lanterns 40 cm / 16 Inch

Chinese Hanging Lanterns
Brand: Night Sky Lanterns®
Product Code: FPHL40
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Fireproof Paper Hanging Lanterns 40 cm - 16 Inch

These Fireproof Paper Lanterns are ideal where fire-regulations allow only products treated with fire retardant and do not burn even if a naked flame gets in contact with the paper.
Not to be confused with poor quality hanging lanterns sold on other platforms. These high-quality lanterns are made with thick paper 21 gm2, which increases their lifetime and durability, even when they are used outdoor.
Fireproof Hanging Lanterns 40cm - 16 inches are perfect to create a sense of diversity and bring a magical atmosphere to indoor and outdoor spaces. Featured in all fleet of Costa Cruises, they are also becoming popular to decorate shops, restaurants, hotels and many movies and TV series.  They are also suitable for corporate events and they can be personalised with the company logo printed on the lanterns.
Create a particular and original feel to your party with our selection of Fireproof Paper Lanterns and add a touch of vitality and style.
The light of the Lamp Holder or Festoon Lights placed inside the lanterns produces a beautiful glow and creates a very special effect, making a superb addition to any summer any party or wedding. They are great for creating a suggestive atmosphere while relaxing in your garden during the twilight hours.

Instructions - How to assemble/use Fireproof Paper Hanging Lanterns
Each Fireproof Hanging Lantern is individually flat packed in a plastic bag. Take out the folded Paper Lantern and you will notice two openings, one at the top and another one at the bottom of the ball. With your hands, on each side, pull to expand the lantern and insert the Expander from the top and pull the expander until it locks in the two rings attached on the top of the lanterns. Once the expander is in tension, the lanterns will assume the shape of a ball.
At the top of the Expander there is a C hock to tangle the eclectic cord of the Lamp Holder. Fireproof Paper Lanterns can also be used to decorate open spaces by creating a web of suspended strings of nylon or wire to attach the lanterns.

These Paper Lanterns can be reused several times and if they get wet under the rain, leave the lanterns in a dry place, like in a garage or in the shed for one or two days until completely dry. When they are totally dry, remove the expander and put each lantern back in its plastic bags for better protection while in storage.

A manual instruction is provided with each lantern.
Lighting advise: the lanterns can be light up with LED Tea-Lights, Festoon Lights or Lamp holders

Fireproof Paper Hanging Lanterns 40 cm – 16 Inches - Pack of 1
Hanging Lantern: Fireproof
Materials: Paper and Metal Wire
Paper Grade: 21 gm2
Paper Colour: White
Size Flat Packed: 40 W x 40 L x 1 H cm
Lantern Weight: ± 100 grams
Size unfolded: 16 Inch - 40 cm D
Pack Gross Weight: ± 600 grams
Brand: Night Sky Lanterns®
Product Code: FPHL40

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