2 Water Floating Lanterns Wood Box - Night Sky Lanterns®

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2 Water Floating Lanterns Wood Box

Water Floating Lanterns
Brand: CandleBagsUK™
Product Code: WBFL1
Dimention: 15*15*26cm
Availability: 459
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Wood Box Floating Lanterns - Pack of 2
Floating Lanterns create a stunning effect on water or on hard surfaces
Wood box floating lanterns create an ambient lighting effect and relaxing atmosphere and can be used on water or alternatively on any firm surface. This box lanterns is made entirely of wood and they can hold the weight of 9h tea-lights or 2 x 4h tea-lights, which can be replaced, meaning that these box lanterns are completely reusable. These Floating lanterns are 100% biodegradable and they are the most stable on water compared to other floating lanterns. Each pack contains two box lanterns, including two 4h tea-lights and they are very easy to assemble. In alternative to wax tea-lights for all water floating lanterns, in particular for long lasting events, it is preferable to use water-proof LED tea-lights.
The light of Wax Candles or Water-proof LED Tea-Lights placed in the middle of the box produces a beautiful soft glow and creates a very special ambience, making a superb addition to any summer garden party and they are great for relaxing in your garden in the twilight hours.

Instruction - How to use:
The box lanterns are flat packed and each pack contains two wood bases eight sticks, two paper cubes and two 4h tea-lights. To assemble the box, simply insert four sticks in the pre-drilled holes in each corner of the wood base. Open the paper cube and place it on the base with the four sticks inside the cube. Lit the wax tea-light and place it in the indent in the middle of the base before releasing it on the water. If you are using them in swimming pool, it is preferable to switch off the filter pumps to avoid that all lanterns float toward one side of the pool. Paper box floating lanterns are very stable on water and they can hold the weight of 4h tea-lights.
These floating lanterns can be reused several times. After the event, place the box lanterns in a dry place like a garage or shed for one or two days until completely dry before disassemble each lantern flat for better protection while in storage.
Suggested Wax Candles 4h or 9h. For indoor use is preferable to use LED Tea-Lights.
Wood Box Floating Lanterns - Pack of 2

• Floating Lanterns: Wood Box
• Material: Wood and Paper
• Box Colour: White
• Size flat packed: 30 W x 16 L x 3 H cm
• Size assembled: 15 W x 15 L x 25 H cm
• Pack Gross Weight: ± 230 grams
• Brand: CandleBagsUK™
• Barcode: 5060207701402
• Product Code: WBFL1

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