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10 Flower Lanterns Water Lily White

Water Floating Lanterns
Brand: Generic Product
Product Code: WLLW10

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10 Water Lily Flower Lanterns White
Water Lily Lanterns create a stunning effect in the twilight hours
Flower Lanterns create an ambient lighting effect and relaxing atmosphere as a centrepiece in the middle of the table or on any hard surfaces. Water Lilly Lantern is made with 12 paper petals and the base is a flat polystyrene square covered with silver paper. The Wax Tea Lights included last for up two hours and it can be replaced with other wax tea light or LED battery powered tea-lights, meaning that these flower lanterns are completely reusable. These lanterns are perfect to decorate any event like a wedding, baby shower or for creating a soft glow for a romantic dinner in the garden. The petals of the Water Lily Flowers are made of paper and a wire in the middle of each petal. In alternative to wax tea-lights, in particular for long lasting events and when used on hard surfaces like furniture and tables as centrepiece, it is preferable to use flickering LED tea-lights.
The light of Wax Candles or LED Tea-Lights placed in the middle of the flower produces a beautiful soft glow and creates a very special ambience, making a superb addition to any summer garden party and they are great for relaxing in your garden in the twilight hours.

Instruction - How to use:

Each flower lantern has 12 paper petals and they are individually flat packed in a plastic bag. These lanterns are pre-assembled and to reshape the petals, take out the flower from the plastic bag and bend each petal with your hands by molding the wire placed in the middle of each petal until they look like a Water Lily Flower. Put the lantern on the table and once you have lit the wax tea-light, place it in the middle of the flower. Make sure that the petals do not reach the center of the flower as the can be burned by the flame of the tea light. If you are using them outdoor, it is recommended to place a flat stone under the tea-light to firm the flower and avoid that the wind blows it away.  
These floating lanterns can be reused several times. After the event, flat the petals and place each flower lantern back in its plastic bags for better protection while in storage.
Suggested Wax Candles 2h, 4h or 9h. For indoor use is preferible to use LED Tea-Lights.

Water Lily Flower Lanterns White - Pack of 10
  • Lanterns: Water Lily Flower
  • Material: Paper, Polystyrene and Wire
  • Flower Colour: White
  • Size flat packed: 25 W x 25 L x 1 H cm (10 x 10 x 1/3 in)
  • Size unfolded: 18 D x 8 H cm (7 x 3 in)
  • Pack Gross Weight: ± 200 grams
  • Product Code: WLLW10

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