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Special Printed Hanging Lanterns

Chinese Hanging Lanterns
Chinese Hanging Paper/Fabric Lanterns  
Ideal for creating special effect
Create an original feel to your party with our Chinese Hanging Lanterns. Add colour style and vitality to your indoor/outdoor party. These Lanterns can be used to enhance the look of your weeding, birthday and corporate events by hanging them or anchoring them on the floor. Featured in many movies and TV series, they are becoming very popular to decorate any party or simply to give a sense of fun to your garden by applying LED lights or festoon lights which give a thrilling festal glow to the event. Paper lanterns are available in 13 colours and 7 sizes to create a magical atmosphere. Also made with fireproof paper required for places where additional security is need by safety regulations. Lanterns made of fabric are ideal for outdoor events where the installation is permanent and needs long lasting lifetime. They are also suitable for corporate events and they can be personalised with a print of your Company logo or custom made to give a unique style to the decoration.
Designs: Chinese - Spherical - Fire-proof - Printed
Colours: White - Red - Orange - Yellow - Blue - Turquoise - Fuchsia - Green - Green Lime - Cream - Lilac - Lavender - Pink
Sizes : 10 cm - 20 cm - 30 cm - 40 cm - 60 cm -75 cm -  90 cm (4 Inch -8 Inch - 12 Inch - 16 Inch - 24 Inch - 30 Inch - 36 Inch)
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