Wish Lanterns

Wish Lanterns and Chinese Wish Lanterns, from Night Sky

Chinese Wish Lanterns have bcome very very popular in recent years, and Wish Lanterns are now a familiar sight during Christmas, New Year, Weddings, Summer Parties, or other event and occasion which needs something special to finish it off in style. These Spectacular Chinese Lanterns can reach heights of more than 2,000 metres (6000ft) in altitude and offer an enjoyable and memorable end to any day or night time event (yes, Wish Lanterns can be launched during the day too !) All Lanterns featured on our site are Eco friendly and 99% Bio-Degradeable, with no wire and bio-degradeable materials used throughout.

  • Wish Lanterns

    Traditional Wish Lanterns

    Standardised white Wish Lanterns, sold singly or in packs. The classic style Chinese Lanterns

    from: £7.99

    Wish lanterns
  • Wish Lantern Packs

    Wish Lantern Packs

    Special Wish Lantern Packs consisting of a set number of lanterns in different styles, to suit the occasion.

    from: £17.99

    Wish Lantern Packs
  • Novelty Chinese Wish Lanterns

    Novelty Chinese Wish Lanterns

    Novelty shaped or designed Wish Lanterns, specifically designed for romantic events, kids parties , weddings or other similar functions

    from: £9.99

    Novelty Chinese Wish Lanterns
  • Chinese Water Lanterns

    Chinese Water Lanterns

    Chinese Water Lanterns add a special touch to an even such as a wedding or gathering. These Lanterns float across open water, or self stand on a level surface.

    from: £4.99

    chinese water lanterns
  • Wish Lantern Accessories

    Wish Lantern Accessories

    Everything else you could possibly need to make your Wish Lantern Party go with a bang. Sharpie Markers, Ice Fountains, Glow Sticks, tea lights anf more

    from: £4.95

    wish lanterns accessories
  • Garden Candles

    Garden Candles

    To compliment our range of Chinese Lanterns, we stock these attractive Garden Candles and Candle Bags in varying designs. Ideal for outdoor summer garden parties or weddings.

    from: £9.99

    Garden Candle Bags