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We have a dream! Our dream is to see future generations to enjoy the beautiful sensation of releasing sky lanterns while dreaming about their wish. Wishing Sky Lanterns are beautiful glows of lights floating in the sky that gives people a sensation of peace, harmony and a unique connection to the spiritual world. My passion for Sky Lanterns started only in 2006 when a friend gave me one for my birthday, says Fabio Paduanelli, (Director at Night Sky Lanterns ®). However, we need your help to make sure that everybody can continue to experience this magical emotion here in UK as well as in other countries around the world. More importantly, the luck of knowledge on this product and the negligence of few idiots are pushing Councils to take uninformed and irrational decisions to ban indiscriminately all sky lanterns.

Night Sky Lanterns Event

Please note that we do not just sell sky lanterns but we are passionate about them.
Our passion is reinforced every time we see at our events the smile and joy on people’s faces when they are watching their wishing lantern flying away while thinking about their dream. We will not resign-ourself without a fight but we need your support to win numerous battles before we can all truly enjoy this magical spectacle while safeguarding the environment.

Wishing Sky Lanterns Party

About 10 years ago, Sky lanterns started to become very popular in UK, as well as around Europe and USA. They are used at celebrations to add a magical touch to the night of any event like weddings, birthdays, memorials, and fundraising campaigns. Unfortunately for all those people like us who loves sky lanterns, they have been in the spot light for some time now and received some bad press regarding environmental concerns and fire risks, particularly since July 2014 when a sky lantern was recorded on a CCTV camera while landing on a pile of plastic in a recycling implant near Birmingham.

Wishing Sky Lanterns Party

Even though we cannot emphasise enough on the importance to follow few simple but essential guidelines highlighted on our manual instructions and on our website (, we also need you to be aware that no all sky lanterns are the same and before you buy them please make sure they are 100% biodegradable, wire-free, asbestos-free, non-toxic, free of any damage, made with fire redundant paper and high quality materials.

In addition, before releasing your wishing lantern please use your judgement to check that the wind speed is below 5 MPH (8 Kmh) and the wind direction. Make sure that you are a least 20 metres from any building or other obstacles and once the lantern has took off to be vigilant till you see the light goes off.

It is also important to remind, particularly to first time users that no all sky lanterns are the same and like any other product, some are good and others are not as good. Furthermore, due to high competition some sellers are flooding the market with poorly made sky lanterns and customers are not informed about the sky lanterns characteristics and flying performance.

Since 2008, thanks to the growing popularity of our twitter and facebook accounts we promptly heard those concerns raised by farmers, RSPCA, MCS and other wildlife organisations regarding the environmental impact on wildlife and livestock of sky lanterns and the metal wire used to hold the fuel cell to the bamboo ring after the lanterns land back on earth.

Therefore since 2009, we quickly took actions and together with our R&D team we focused on supplying only premium sky lanterns made with fireproof rope to safeguard animas and avoid the inconvenience on the countryside caused by the metal wires. In addition, we substituted the cardboard fuel-cell with an innovative fuel cell made with cotton which is easy to lit and facilitate the preparation to the launch. Besides, once the combustible has burned out the cotton will crumble in the air which avoids that any residual land back on earth while still lit. Conversely, the thickness of the paper has been increased to improve the heat retention and the overall flying performance.

However, mistakenly we decided to discontinue the supply of all economy sky lanterns, including those made with metal wire and we removed them from our catalogue. Even though we always emphasised the importance of the improvements made in the construction of our premium sky lanterns, consumers are still misled by ruthless sellers who are claiming of selling 100% biodegradable sky lanterns but not mentioning that they contain metal wire or detailed information about the quality of the materials used.

Furthermore, due to the lack of knowledge on this relative new product compared to fireworks, some sellers opted to flood the market with poorly made sky lanterns and people were persuaded to buy cheap sky lanterns unaware of the differences.

In 2014, DEFRA and other government organisations conducted a comprehensive investigation concerning the environmental impact of sky lanterns on wildlife, as well as the potential risks of causing fire and damaging people and properties. For us and all other reputable suppliers in the Industry this uncertainty was a critical point whether to invest and innovate or to step back. We were also hoping for a clear and defined regulation on sky lanterns minimum quality standards of the materials, construction packaging and their origin. Instead on the 14th August 2014, the Trading Standard Institute published the Industry Code of Practice - SKY LANTERNS which only sets guidelines on good practice for all stakeholders which are only voluntary and cannot be imposed on anyone dealing with sky lanterns.

To sum up, this document explains the founding of the investigation which confirms “that high quality branded sky lanterns have very low environmental impact and if used as intended in appropriate conditions sky lanterns DO NOT constitute a high risk. With little care and consideration they can be enjoyed safely”. Therefore, we strongly believe that an indiscriminate ban on all sky lanterns would be unfair toward responsible sky lanterns users/lovers and reputable suppliers to receive a ban from local Councils. We also believe that it is unreasonable to prohibit future generations from experiencing one of the most amazing, peaceful and sensational emotion of seeing glowing lanterns flying in the sky.

To RSPCA and those campaigning against sky lanterns, we would like to say that we are not all the same but if we work together and give the correct information we can achieve a constructive outcome and empower consumers to make a change. Sky lanterns are here to stay as much as fireworks, balloons, cars, lighters, crisps’ bags, dog’s micro-chipping, hunting, take-away containers and coffee cups, glass / plastic bottles, drinks’ cans, phone charges and so on, what is relevant to safeguard the environment and minimise their impact on wildlife is the way we evolve and improve the standards of those commodities.

To those who try to sabotage any sky lanterns event remember that it is a criminal offence to intentionally cause a disturbance or fire and to those attempting to demonise our brand reputation, we will do all we can to pursue any transgressor.

We need your support to show those campaigning for a ban and Councils who arbitrary banned sky lanterns on their land that if we work together to properly inform people on the differences than together we can make a positive change for all to safeguard wildlife and the environment. We also need support from farmers who are consistently buying only our premium sky lanterns for their parties and know that we will never let them down. We perfectly understand farmers’ concerns of the metal wire on their livestock and we will do all we can to stop the nonsense of the wires when they tangles in their machineries while operating on the land. This is not only morally right but it is also an important message that allows progression and innovation to take once again their course to satisfy needs, comforts and entertainments while minimizing upheavals and inconveniences to others.

Last but not least, we feel obliged to our customers who highlighted us the issue of fakes / counterfeits Night Sky Lanterns and Candle Bags UK branded products sold on and Because of this, for over 2 years we no longer sell our branded products on those websites, we are try to ask them to stop misleading customers but they refuse to take any action. After numerous test purchases of our brands listed on these websites, we found that 99% of all listings are fakes, unbranded products which do not comply with our standards and certainly look inferior quality.

Even though we filed a claim for each test purchase as “Item not as described” and we received a full refund for each claim without returning the fake products to the sellers, both Amazon and Ebay refuse to take any action to stop misleading customers and damaging our reputation. It is obvious that their interests are only focused on profit, no matter whether it comes from genuine sellers or fraudsters. On the other hand, we are losing customers and receiving complaints from our resellers who also used to sell our products on Amazon and they feel let down from us because they cannot compete against the prices offered of the fakes.

Soon we will explain in details the full story, meanwhile if you have purchased any sky lanterns or candle bags which the title or description indicated that they are Night Sky Lanterns or Candle Bags UK brands, please contact us via email with the order details, a brief comment and possibly few photos of the product.

We hope you will purchase them directly from us, but if you intend to purchase sky lanterns and candle bags on Amazon or Ebay and the listing mentions our brand names, once you receive the parcel please check if they are originals or not.

If they look different or unbranded, please file a claim on the website you have purchased the product as “Item not as described” and write a comment “I was expecting Night Sky Lanterns (or Candle Bags UK) branded products and instead I received unbranded, anonymous items and most luckily poorly made”.

Normally, the seller will give you immediately full refund (No questions asked), so that they can continue to make profits on others customers who genuinely are unaware that they have been misled or cannot be bothered to waste time for £5 / £10 order and the fraudsters and Amazon/Ebay make a profit on illegal sells and get away with it every time someone does not make a complaint. If the seller replies with a template message attempting to discourage you by saying that you have purchased a generic product, made in China, and they are the same or better quality, than just escalate the issue to the complain team of Amazon or Ebay and they will give you a full refund (No other questions asked).

If the seller asks you to return the parcel at your expense even if specified in the T&C or the seller sends you an unrecorded postage label, simply reject their request and escalate the issue as above for a full refund.

If you experience a similar situation, please let us know and free of charge we send our courier to collect the evidences from your address and if you decide to purchase our originals, we will offer you the same price as the price shown on the order of the fakes and add a free gift to thank you for your help.

The power is now in your hand! We are a small company with very limited resources and we cannot win our cause without your help.

Please support us however you can and any money given to us for this cause will be spent to fight this battles and together we will soon re-establish harmony amongst all.

We need a least 2500 signature and your email used to confirm your contribution will be entered on the list below.

We are also appealing to crowdsourcing to help us finding people who are willing to get involved and provide their support to write letters, publishing updates, filing claims and where required escalate to the Court. We need translators to help us to spread the information not only in UK and USA but we know that these issues are occurring in other European countries and beyond.

Anyone interested to host a sky lanterns display at any event or to participate organising the event please follow the link Night Sky Lanterns Fest.

For more information and assistance please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Thank you for supporting our campaign to stop Councils from banning all sky lanterns.
We will regularly update the list below with our supporters' names and county to prove our commitment

Please give us £1 or more to help us and we will use 100% of the ammount given to protect the right to responsably releasing quality sky lanterns in UK and everywhere we can.
We are not a Charity so we have to pay 20% VAT on any ammount received

Many Thanks for all support received so far <3

Many Many Thanks to all #Sky #Lanterns #LOVERs for the support and comments which we received so far. However, as never before, we need your help. We have found that unscrupulous sellersthey are claiming of selling Night Sky Lanterns ® branded products on Amazon, Ebay and other third party websites and instead they are flooding the market with poorly made products which could be hazardous for people and the environment.
Be very careful because during are test purchases we found that many sky lanterns sold on those site contain ASBESTOS in form of Chrysotile in the rope which holds the fuel cell.

We warn you to be vigilant on those sellers and if you have purchased any of our branded products from another retailer and you have any doubt or you received a different brand or totally anonymous packaging, please let us know and will report them to the Trading Standards Authorities for further investigation.

We also would like to inform you that, we have suspended the supply of our products to Amazon and Ebay because of “their unfair trading on their online jungle”.

1. Fabio Paduanelli - London
2. Clementine C. - Manchester
3. Richard W. - Isle of Wight
4. Clare M. - Essex
5. Mitchel S. - London
6. Tara B. - East Sussex
7. Radhika N. - London
8. Tracy D. - Shropshire
9. Catherine M. - North Yorkshire
10. Martina O. - Down
11. Sophie S. - West Sussex
12. Colin L. - Devon
13. T. P. - Porth
14. Monette E. - London
15. Julie J. - Aberdeenshire
16. Gemma R. - Norfolk
17. Lana P. - West Midland
18. Cheral S. - Nottinghamshire
19. Chloe D. F. - London
20. Michelle G. - Kent
21. Thomas - Kent
22. Nozipho D. - Manchester
23. Natasha T. - Surrey
24. Jeffrey S. - Kent
25. Sueling H. - London
26. Lisa H. - Gloustershire
27. Jamie E. - Nottinghamshire
28. Hayley P. - Somerset
29. Claire J. - Hampshire
30. Hollie L. - Devon
31. Shamim M. - London
32. Daren H. - Birmingham
33. Yousef T. - Lancashire
34. Brian D. - Gloucestershire
35. J. B. - London
36. Marc B. - EastSussex
37. Shafaqat A. - West Yorkshire
38. Janet M. - Stockton On Teme
39. Hannah W. - London
40. Sharon P. - Kent
41. Catherine C. - Tyne And Wear
42. Samuel A. - Somerset
43. Choon F. - London
44. Simon M. - Berkhamsted
45. Lionel Y. - Surrey
46. Bansari V. - London
47. Devon H. - Somerset
48. Mitchell B. - Easy Tilbury
49. Laura E. - Dorset
50. Fern M. - Leamington Spa
51. - Alice L. - Guildford
52. KB G. - Stirling
53. Zoe S. - Bucks
54. Ruth S. - Surrey
55. Victoria H. - Surrey
56. Chloe T. - Kent
57. Diane C. - Skelmersdale
58. Samantha E. - Lincolnshire
59. Jason I. - London
60. Sonia C. - West Malling
61. Daniel B. - Devon
62. Helen R. - Swansea
63. Nikkita D. - London
64. Nimesh P. - Surrey
65. Jane B. - Norfolk
66. Jennifer P. - Cheshire
67. Scott T. - East Sussex
68. Samuel D. - Portsmouth
69. Kat C. - Norwich
70. Lauren M. - East Sussex
71. Lawrence W. - Leicestershire
72. Rose C. - West Yorkshire
73. Mystic A. - West Midlands
74. Liselotte L. - Nottinghamshire
75. Aisling T. - Kinross
76. Caron H. - Waterlooville
77. Nicole B. - London
78. Linda M. - Glasgow
79. Vural K. - Enfield
80. Adrian T. - Harlesden
81. Daniel D. - Greater Manchester
82. Sam W. - Kent
83. Claire F. - Alloway
84. Paul C. - Dorset
85. Sandra R. - Tyne and Wear
86. Melissa B. - Harrogate
87. Kerry T. - Bedfordshire
88. Stuart M. - Greater Manchester
89. Faith H. - Buckinghamshire
90. Julia B. - Nottinghamshire
91. Helen M. - Midlothian
92. Raj P. - Essex
93. Chantel O. - West Midlands
94. Mike C. - Gloucestershire
95. Maureen J. - West Yorkshire
96. Glen S. - Dorset
97. Zoe L. P. - Hertfordshire
98. Stephanie B. - Devon
99. Daniella J. - Kingston upon thames
100. Toby W. - Buckinghamshire
101. Alan M. - Aberlour

we are sorry if the list has not yet fully updated. If you cannot see your name amongst the list we will soon update the other names.
Many Thanks

1. Lieselot D. - Assebroek, Belgium
2. Giuseppe P. - Bari, Italy
3. Nicla V. - Bari, Italy
4. Gill, Ireland
5. Stephane G.
Montreal Quebec,
6. Paul, United States
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